Courses of foreign languages: (495) 109-07-54, 650-51-50
The training programs
Short about ELC "TIME" programmes
  • Multilevel intensive course of modern English - "NEW INTERCHANGE"
    ("Streamline", "Business options", "Passages", "Vocabulary for Achievement", "Business vision")
  • Multilevel intensive course of modern German – "THEMEN NEU", "TANGRAM"
  • Course of business German - "WIRTSHAFTSDEUTSCH"
  • General course of Spanish – "Curso intensivo de Espanol para extranjeros "Espa""
    (The Course book of Spanish "Espanol en vivo")
  • General course of Italian - "the Basic course of Italian"
  • Multilevel intensive course of French - "PANORAMA"
    ("Je parlerai frqncais" " Manuel de Francais " " A course of the French language " by Moge)
  • Multilevel intensive course of Arabian
    ("The Course book of the Arabian language" by Kovaljov A., Sharbatov G., "An Elementary course of the Arabian language" by Segal S., "The Arabian language" by Kovirshina N., "The Course book of the Arabian language" by Halidov B.)
  • Multilevel intensive course of Chinese
    ("The Chinese language in dialogues" by Starodubtseva N. and Yen Tsan., "Translation from the Chinese language" by Sevalnev V. the second reprinted edition, "An Elementary course of the Chinese language" by Huan Shuin)

The extra programmes are available
1 astronomical hour consists of 60 minutes

There is an excellent programme of 10 levels for foreign language students
Levels 1-6 - General course
Levels 7-8 - Business course for businessmen in a group or private lessons
Levels 9-10 - different courses depending on the language which include preparing for TOEFL exams in a group or private lessons
General course
(1 level)
This level means the study of foreign language from the beginning. If you never studied any foreign language or if you know only 10 or 20 casual words, it’s your level. You get phonetic and pronunciation skills at this level. There are many every day situations which are played during our lessons. You can make up a story about yourself, about your family, about your home, your occupation and spare time after this level’s finishing.
(2 level)
You can tell about yourself and read texts in English, but your pronunciation isn’t good enough. You can read and understand easy texts after this level’s finishing. There is an active using of grammatical constructions. You can speak, use some idiomatic expressions and make up difficult phrases. You know more nouns than adjectives. You know some tenses, you can ask questions correctly, catch the important information from somebody after finishing this level.
(3 level)
You can speak about every day life, using the forms of Present, Past and Future tenses. You could retell the contents of any soup opera, but not of a psychological drama. You possess all the tenses, your vocabulary is increasing and you learn to understand native speaker’s speech at this level.
(4 level)
You can create a small presentation, take part in different conversations but you’re not sure in many modern expressions. It isn’t everything clear for you by listening to some radio or TV news. You begin to rise to the top of foreign language from this level and our teachers are ready to help you.
(5 level)
After changing your position from Upper-intermediate into Advanced you get fluent English or any other foreign language. Certainly you can’t interpret at the international conference but you can understand, tell and write everything concerning your activity

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